Estonia - Tallinn

by Kimp 28. July 2013 02:52
Tallinn gets my vote for the strangest place I have ever been. It's got all kinds of crazy in it. A beautifully preserved medieval town with most of the walls still intact. There is even a Medieval pharmacy that is still in business, just in case you need some unicorn shavings for that special recipe. Old town Tallinn is surrounded on two sides by old defunct Russian factories. Heavy industry, that appeared to have had no pollution controls at all, while they were active. Then the side that borders the Baltic Sea, has an old defunct concert hall that was built for the 1980 Summer Olympics, which were in Moscow, but whose yachting events were held in Tallinn. Looks like it was beautiful 32 years ago, but was abandoned shortly after and has never been maintained.

Then there is a brand new part with high rise business towers and lots of auto traffic. From the right vantage point all of these can be seen in the same frame, giving Tallinn a very mysterious physic.

Estonia itself is equally as crazy. The northern coast is mostly limestone cliffs, there are some really rustic looking islands, and about 10% is a foggy quagmire that just plain looks down right spooky.