Scotland - Edinburgh Military Tatto

by Kimp 14. October 2016 04:30
Tattoo was the name of the military bugle call, used to signal the bartender's, to stop serving to Military members and to send them back to the base. Kind of a Military curfew. Today it's an elaborate show, involving theatrics and musical performances. The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo was started in 1950 and has been an annual event ever since, featuring about 10 military bands from different parts of the world, dancers, light shows, narration, military in action, fireworks, and lots of smiles. [More]



Scotland - Edinburgh International Festival

by Kimp 15. August 2013 17:11
In August of every year, Edinburgh hosts the 3rd largest Theatre festival in the world. But, I didn't really go for the Theatre festival Itself, I went for the sub culture, called the Fringe, that has grow up around this festival.

Thinking about visiting Scotland. Bring a jacket (preferable layer's) and something waterproof. Doesn't matter what time of year, Scotland has 4 seasons every single day. Wind's are slight to very strong. Rain is slight to strong, but usually doesn't last very long in August. Or if you are like me. I left my umbrella in the hotel on purpose, because I was trying out a new piece of water resistant gear, and as I was standing in a que (line waiting for an event), on the University of Edinburgh campus, a young platinum blonde, pure bred Scottish women, felt sorry for me and shared her umbrella. [More]


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