Germany - BadenBaden

by Kimp 14. March 2015 17:38
One of the most relaxing places in Germany. The 3 hour long, 19th century Roman-Irish Bath experience is a 5 out of 5 on my personal and soulful scale. [More]


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Germay - Radelthon

by Kimp 9. May 2013 22:57
Just after WW II ended, Germany was in total ruins, moral was at an all time low, people had nothing, and their future was very uncertain. A twenty year old German athlete by the name of Reinhold Steinhilb, gave them something to be proud of and cling on to. From 1948 - 1952 he was one of the top German professional bicyclists.

In 1991 Reinhold Steinhilb (Famous Geman Bike Athlete) designed an 80km (50mi) mountain bike course named the Radel-Thon, that forms a big circle around Stuttgart. I'm not sure where the name come from, but I will give it a good guess.

Before WWII Germany wanted to be able to move tanks quickly through Germany. They couldn't do that on the AutoBahn, because the tanks would tear it up. So they built cobblestone roads, often adjacent to the Autobahn, that were for the express purpose of driving the tanks down them. These were heavily used and as a result of the weight of the tanks, they are the most uneven cobblestone roads in all of Europe. They aren't fit for use by cars, so they were abandoned and are now used as nice walking and bike paths.


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Cross Country 10K - Very Challanging

by Kimp 7. December 2009 04:26
A very challenging cross country 10K that I ran. [More]