Switzerland - Lausanne

by Kimp 31. January 2018 17:51
Lausanne is the capital of International Sports and yet another beautiful Swiss city. Surrounded by vineyards, French speaking and located on the Swiss plateau, a high ground, between the Alps and the Jura Mountains. It slopes down a steep incline, to share a pleasant shoreline with Lake Geneva. Peace, serenity, and a love of sports, pretty much describe all that is Lausanne. [More]


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England - The Grand National

by Kimp 7. June 2016 05:23
The Grand National is a house race over obstacles that requires a combination of athleticism, endurance, and stamina. It is considered the most difficult horse race in the world (the ultimate test of horse and rider), and is held every April at Aintree Race Course near Liverpool England. It is nearly twice as long as most Steeple Chase (obstacle) races and has both the tallest (by a significant margin) and highest number of obstacles, some being in combination with water obstacles. [More]



England - Wimbledon

by Kimp 8. July 2015 18:21
Wimbledon is home of the "All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club" which hosts one of the Major Tennis Tournaments and is only one that is played on a surface made of Lawn. [More]

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French Open - Paris France

by Kimp 6. June 2015 03:03
French Open - 2014. One of the four grand slam events in tennis. [More]

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