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by Kimp 28. April 2012 03:13

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Vienna is the quintessential outdoors place. The city itself has wide streets and many, many beautiful parks, plus there are several beautiful natural parks outside of the city. This gives Vienna a very laid back, slow and easy feeling even though there are hoards of people there. Vienna is the only place where there are wine gardens. The king allowed wine in Vienna from the locals newest vintage to be sold without tax. This made it the peoples alcohol of choice and the beer gardens started converting to wine gardens. Which are still here today.

Its architectural footprint is very wide. Much of it was built during the classicism era. The street that surrounds the old town was widened which created a blank canvas, where buildings in Neo Classical, Neo Baroque, and Neo Renaissance were built. Form follows function in Vienna. For instance city hall is mid evil looking, even though it is much newer. It honors the people who ran the city, like mid evil people would have. Parliament is neo classical to honor Greek democracy, artistic buildings are neo renaissance in honor of learning, and theaters are neo Baroque in honor of the great theatrical era.

As a young man, Hitler spent 7 years in Vienna pursuing an art career, then gave up and moved to Germany. It would have been nice if he started some dark art movement instead.

50% of Vienna was destroyed during WWII, and some bombed out buildings in the old town were replaced with these architectural styles, as well as art neuvo and modern art, which are part of the later youth movements.

Vienna is the only place in Europe that has wine gardens. Several hundred local families opened charming wine-garden eateries clustered around the edge of town after the Habsburg Emperor allowed Vienna's vineyards sell their own new wine tax free. This made local wine the drink of choice.

I overcame one of my few fears in Vienna. The fear of getting on a bus with a German speaking bus driver. I had a bad experience with a bus driver in Germany and ever since that, I've just stay away from buses. I got on a bus in Vienna, and had a bad experience with the driver here too. But now, I learned to just accept that they are not going to like me, and I don't even care what the reason is. So now I am fine with buses.




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