Austria - Villach

by Kimp 10. November 2011 00:49


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Villach is near the southern border of Austria. About 1/2 way between Venice and Vienna,  it has always been an active roman trade route, giving it a rich history. 

The people there refer to themselves as Corinthians. I saw an elderly gentlemen flirting heavily with a beautiful young female clerk. I couldn't understand a word of what he was saying, but I knew exactly what he was doing. She noticed me smiling joyfully and after he left, she turned to me and said in a serious tone "He is the original Corinthian." That brought on a big uncontrolled laugh.

During WWII the allies had so much fear of this town that they bombed it 37 times, destroying 85% of it.

Today it's a high tech hub, bursting at the seams with electrical engineers and youthful life, yet it simultaneously keeps its history and small town charm.




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