BMW - My first

by Kimp 16. June 2011 06:31
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I bought a '97 BMW 316i with the M sport package and only 80k miles (110k KM) on it.
It was owned by an old German guy who died and left it, in his will, to his grand-daughter. It's immaculate (show room condition) and she was selling it for about 2K less then it's worth. The original rims still look brand new and she said her grandfather loved this car, so I know it was well cared for and maintained. She was a little emotional and said that car was like part of their family for so long and she hated to sell it.
I'm glad her grandfather took such good care of it, but I didn't tell her that it was going to be sitting out in the weather 24/7 and driven in the snow after I bought it.



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