Croatia - Pag

by Kimp 8. October 2011 03:26

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The Island of Pag looks too be about the size of Long Island, but is mostly rock. In many places, everything in view was rock. While driving on it, on gets an erie feeling, like they are driving on the moon. Pag is most famous for its production of Paški sir, which is a distinctive cheese made from the milk of the islands large breed of sheep, who roam the rocks and eat whatever is hardy enough to grow in amongst the rocks. It's sold in stores around the world.

Zrce beach is vastly becoming a party destination, from Pag's increasingly bustling nightlife.

Most of the rest of Croatia looks either like North Carolina or the South West United States. Many German made American Westerns where filmed in Croatia, and because of the film industry, some of the towns have American Indian sounding names.



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