Croatia - Plitvice Lakes

by Kimp 7. October 2011 05:15
Photo Log
Pure, Natural, Serene and Peaceful are good adjectives for this National Park in Croatia, with many, very beautiful water falls. If you like nature, this is a must see.
There are seven lakes at different levels and all of them are filled from water falling from a lake at a higher level.
The water is very clear mountain water, with a beautiful turquoise green color, which is due to the lime stone dissolved from the surrounding mountains.
I was fairly windy and cold here. Neither myself nor Jason were prepared for it. We only had light jackets. So we stopped at a tourist trap stand to get some sweat shirts to put under out jackets. I am looking around and all I am seeing is European Large's which are much small then American Larges. I dig into deep into the pile and am amazed when I pull out the only 2X (I am normally an American 2X). I try to put it on and it is way too small. I ask at the counter, if they had any larger sweatshirts, figuring that I was going to have to leave the 2X and freeze.  I was really amazed when the clerk came out from the back with a 3X. It didn't really fit, still too small, but didn't cut off my blood circulation, so I paid the huge price for it. I didn't even bother washing it, cause I knew it didn't really fit before I washed it. I ended up giving it away to charity. Some poor person, probably has a really nice and expensive Croatian National Park sweatshirt, that was only worn once, and is only slightly stretched out.
They just don't make clothes for Big Americans in Europe.



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