Czech Republic - Prague

by Kimp 27. January 2012 02:43

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Prague was once the capitol of the Holy Roman Empire.  Founded in Gothic times, however much of its building, was done during the Renaissance.

Prague was once a very important trade route between western and eastern Europe, and it  played a major role in Protestant Reformation.

Many Americans have told me that Prague was a very beautiful place. When I was there, it was about 30 F (0 C) with a strong wind. I thought it was very nice, but at that temperature, it's difficult to get that beautiful feeling.  

These days, Prague should probably be anexed by the US. I saw so many American franchises, that I completely forgot I was in Europe. On the music side, they seem to favor the Blues, so that gives them a lot of extra points in my scoring system.

The pollution on the limestone buildings here, is the worst that I have seen too.

What they do excel in, is Cuisine. I love Czech food. They use a lot of fresh spices (basil, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, etc) in everything. Their gravies and soup are the best I have ever tasted, and there are a lot of different varieties. Another specialty is dumplings. A person from there probably finds most foreign food to be bland.

They're famous for beer, but I found their hot wine to be second to none, because of the spices in it. I was drinking a lot of that outside. To me it's impossible to top German beer.



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