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Finland was a part of Sweden until 1800 when Russia moved in. After that, Finnish natives started migrating to Minnesota, in large numbers . I've learn that when European people emigrated to the US, they often choose a climate similar to the climate in their mother country. Towards the end of WWI Finland won their independence from Russia.
In WWII Finland's White Winter Soldiers stopped an initial Russian Invasion. They then solicited Germany to help them. What they didn't know was that, at that time, Germany had a secret pack with Russia, to give the Baltic states to Russia without a fight, so that Russia would not attack Germany. Eventually Finland figured that out, they fought against Germany, and the Germans fled. Finland was the only country to successfully fight off both the Allied and the Axis powers during WWII. However, at the end of WWII, since Finland had fought against Russia, they were forced to give up some of their land in the east.
In 1966 a company in Nokia Finland started working on a Mobile Phone standard. In 1971 they started building mobile phone towers, and by 1978, all of Finland had mobile phone coverage. The phones weighed 22 pounds. In 1984, Nokia built the first portable cell phone, which weighted 11 pounds.  In 1987, Nokia built the first handheld cell phone, weighting in at 1.5 pounds and costing about $6000. They then started to design a phone network that would carry data as well as voice.
Finland has long been a country dedicated to technology. Around 1960, large computers where being built in Finland. Today Finland is the most technologically advanced country in Europe.
Finnish people are not Scandinavian. They're Nordic.  Common Nordic characteristics are; intelligence, innovation, and quietness. In appearance they are tall, round and flat faced, with eyes that are very far apart (almost on the side of their heads). In addition, their heads look large in proportion to their bodies.  Their native language is very complex (similar to Hungarian), but most speak English like an American. Nearly everyone in Finland is Finnish, Finland doesn't attract very many immigrants.
Finnish people encourage equality and liberalism. They were the first in Europe to allow women to vote, and today 40% of the politicians are women. Finnish people enjoy culture and they believe that music education is a basic human right.  Music education is supported by the government and they spend a huge amount of money on it. Most people in Finland can play an instrument, and they know classical music and opera. Finnish people love to Tango. In the 1930's their musicians starting writing tango's and the whole country ended up embracing those dance steps. Today, they are the only culture other than Argentina, that tangos. Every year, there is a huge tango festival in central Finland.
Parts of Helsinki architecture, look Russian. The Russians moved Finland's capital to Helsinki (to get it closer to Russia) and brought one of their own architects to design it. Dr. Zhivago and Gorky Park were filmed here, when it wasn't possible for Americans to create Russian films in Russia. Helsinki has a modern church that was blasted out of solid rock. It's one of the nicest pieces of modern art architecture, that I've seen.





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