Germany - Dogs

by Kimp 1. June 2011 06:26
Dog laws in Germany, treat dogs pretty much like humans.


The up side:
It's not uncommon to see the family dog hanging out in a German restaurant unleashed with the rest of the family.
You also see them traveling on the train and in stores.

The only place that they are not allowed are grocery stores, but that is by the discretion of the store owner.
You are also not allowed to tie your dog up outside and leaving them at home unattended for extended periods is frowned upon.
You are supposed to walk your dog twice a day.

The down side:
If your dog barks too much or is unruly and your neighbors call the police, they might come and take your dog away from you.
You will see huge dog training schools in Germany, because most people train their dogs to be well behaved (don't know what that costs but it looks expensive).
You have to purchase a train ticket for your dog (which is usually half the human price).
You also pay a higher tax rate based on the number of dogs you own. To make sure you are not fudging the number of dogs, an IRS rep visits your house to count the number of dogs you have.

The final result:
Dogs are very friendly and dog population is fairly low and very controlled.




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