Greece - Athens

by Kimp 24. November 2011 03:26
My first impression of Athens was that of seeing the police roll up a criminal at the door of the place, where I was to be staying, as I arrived.
Then early the next day, someone asked me to leave a Greek Orthodox church (1st time, I was kicked out of a church). A women was very upset at me because I was studying the people there and what they were doing. If you read the photo captions, you will see how I recovered.
Athens is the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy, the Olympic Games, political science, Western literature, historiography, major mathematical principles, and Western theories of tragedy and comedy. Seeing the beginnings of the world that I know, has helped me better understand everything that followed. It was like a history epiphany for me.
This is what I did, to really enjoy myself in Athens (without this, I will have just been looking at a bunch of rocks and ruins):
1.  - I envisioned myself in a toga and sandals in 500 BC. At that time,  would have been in a land, unlike anything I'd ever have seen. It was full of the smartest, the most accomplished and the greatest philosophical minds of that time. They were inventing democracy and evolving the arts and theatre. Their culture covers the entire spectrum from the earliest hippies to the greatest warriors.
2.  - I put myself there around 50 AD, having a discussion with the apostle Paul about some Isrealite named Jesus.
3.  - I put myself there around 300 AD when the Emperor Constantine recognized Christianity.
4.  - Then again when the Turkish Ottomans ruled from 1500 through 1821 and mosques were prevalent.
5.  - Then again during the Nazi occupation
6. -  And finally today.
I  also studied the very basics of ancient greek gods.
Using my elementary school laymen commentary:
Zeus – The 3rd in a succession of all powerful creator gods. He fathered other gods and men and also controlled the weather. He was a player and created many god offspring.
Herra – Zeus’s sister god and wife. The goddess of women and marriage. She was jealous and vengeful.
Apollo – Zeus’s son and god of truth, prophecy and knowledge.
Athena – Zeus’s daughter and goddess of all that is righteous including the will to defend righteousness.
Aphrodite – I think we all know this one. Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation. She is always naked and easy to pick out in a crowd of statues.



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