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Created in the 6th century BC, the Agora was the heart of ancient Athens.

The political, entertainment, religious and shopping center of Athens.

This is where people assembled to hear speeches, vote, shop and go to theatrical productions. The peoples assembly, had thousands of members, who choose 500 city council members, who in turn choose 50 political ministers, who ran the day to day affairs. All laws had to be approved by the entire assembly which consisted of every single adult male. 

There were temples here, to honor their pagan gods, and political offices for those in office.

Socrates spent most of his life hanging out here and asking people to contemplate the meaning of life. Socrates was arrested, tried and sentenced here, for corrupting the youth. His disciple, Plato, and Platos disciple, Aristotle, spent some time here teaching.

Diogonies, the first hippie, lived here as a homeless man in a wooden tub. He would walk around the Agora during the day with a lighted lamp looking for one honest man in the corrupt city. There's a legend that says Alexander the Great (the most powerful man on earth at that time), didn't believe that Diogonies was as in-materialist, as Diogonies said he was. So Alexander once told Diogonies, that he would grant to him anything that his heart desired. Diogonies then asked him to please step aside because it was the sunshine, that Alexander was blocking, that he desired.

In about 49 AD the apostle Paul debated daily with Athenian Philosophers here. In 267 AD Athen's and the Agora were destroyed by Barbarians. The barbarians left, but they would come back to attack many times in the next 500 years.




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