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by Kimp 25. November 2011 04:51


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An old Greek legend says that when God created the world, he sifted all the soil onto the earth through a strainer. After every country had good soil, he tossed the stones left in the strainer over his shoulder and created Greece.

The landscape in Greece reminds me of New Mexico, except there are middle eastern songs playing on most radio stations.

Greek people live a very slow life. It is what I call "Living on Island time." They are going to get there, when they get there and by the time they get there they will not have missed anything.

Greece is 98% ethnically pure, and most of the people are very friendly to Americans. They're very curious. If you strike up a conversation, you're probably going to end up with a dinner invitation, which will result in an after dinner backgammon game.

However, if you want to play backgammon with a Greek, then plan on donating your money, because that is the last you're going to see of it. They play very fast and they also play three different variations back to back, then repeat. It's called Tavli. To me Tavli translates to "Just give me your money.".

There isn't a single navigable river in Greece. Driving in mountainous countries that have decent rivers is easy because they just build the road close to the river. Driving these mountain roads is physically exhausting and mentally draining. Most of their highways are a single lane, with blind corners. After a few hours my arms were getting sore from fighting the steering wheel. And at times, I was going pretty fast just to avoid being in the mountains after dark.


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