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by Kimp 25. November 2011 04:42
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Greek myth:
Mycenae was once a mighty kingdom of Ancient Greece. Its ruler, Agamemnon, was considered one of the greatest of them all. When his brother Menelaos's, beautiful wife Helen, was abducted by the Trojan prince Paris, the history of Greece was to come into one of its famous phases: The Trojan War.
Archeological evidence suggests that the Mycenae people lived in about 5000 BC, and in 1400 BC, they were the most powerful force in Greece. Evidence shows that the Mycenae ruins at this location, have been torn down and rebuilt several times before 1400 BC. What is seen today, was mostly built in 1400 BC and lasted until 1200 BC. Several theories predict what happened in 1200BC, and one of the most convincing, appears to be a horrific fire that wiped out all of Southern Greece. However, it could've been something else. Archeologists just know that something terrible happened, and the result was 400 years of history without any records, which have been labeled as the Greek dark ages.
Homer wrote many great works based on the Trojan war, but since there was 400 years of dark ages between that time and Homers, they are most likely fictional works.

In its heyday, these structures would have housed the political, Administrative, Military and Economic head of the Mycenaen empire.

It's known that the great philosopher Socrates, was as mystified at these ruins in 500 BC, as we are about the ruins in Athens. And that this place was a tourist site in 500 BC. It is hard to image that people in 500 BC traveled that far from home.



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