Greece - Mykonos

by Kimp 5. October 2012 03:07

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Mykonos is one of the smallest Islands (10 mi x 7 mi) in the Aegean Sea, near Greece. It's one of the most popular Greek Islands because of its night life, its restaurants, its beautiful harbor, beautiful beach, and Cycladic art shops. However being popular has a drawback, it's very expensive. It belongs to an archipelago known as the Cycladic Islands. The cycladic people who inhabited these islands were around before recorded history, then they suddenly disappeared, so not much is known about them. Other then the marble artifacts that they left behind. Most of the artifacts are of human forms and look much like modern art. In fact, it looks like something that Picasso would have created in his later years, very simple and clean.
It has an area near the main harbor, called "Little Venice". Because it's built onto of a large flat rock that butts up with the sea and kind of looks a little like Venice. In one of the only areas on this island that isn't white washed. I had a map of Mykonos, but it didn't have a scale marked on it. I was in the main harbor and happened to see a taxi, so we got in it and I asked him to take us to "Little Venice" (I was estimating about 2 miles away). The cab driver looks at me kind of funny and points and say's, its right over there. I should have tipped the poor guy, but I was too embarrassed and quickly got out. I told my friends, "If that was NYC, the cabby would have put the car in gear, drove forward two feet, then stopped and said 'OK, here we are at little Venice!!! That will be $50.' ".



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