Greece - Patmos

by Kimp 6. October 2012 03:56
Patmos Island is a Christian Pilgrimage site and that's about all that's there.
St John was hiding in a cave on Patmos Island to escape the Romans who were looking for him, when he wrote the book of Revelations, which is in the new testament. In the book of Revelations, St John said that he received this vision from Jesus while he was on Patmos. There is a cave there, called the "Cave of the Apocalypse", where his scribe took that vision down as St John spoke it. Now it's the Book of Revelations.   
I got the whole story for free, by eaves dropping while a tour guide explained it to the people who had paid her. The cave is kind of small and now has two orthodox chapels in it.  In the corner of the cave that is farthest from the door, there are two holes in the wall. A large one near the floor that St John would put his head in while he prayed and another small one that is a few feet off the floor, that he would put his right hand in. One day while he was praying there was a very loud noise in the cave, and the ceiling cracked above his head. St John started reciting the vision that he was seeing, and his scribe wrote that down.
There are also a number of monasteries on Patmos all named after St John. We went to the one of the highest ground, which also had a really nice treasury, full of eastern orthodox icons and ancient manuscripts.



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