Hungary - Budapest

by Kimp 14. October 2011 06:14


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Budapest is actually two cities that share the same government.

The city of Buda is on the west side of the Danube and Pest on the east side.
Most of the sites are in Pest and I would advise staying awat from the Buda side at night, because I was robbed by 3 Romas (Eastern European Gypsies) in Buda when I was lured into a dark area after dark (Story for another time). Physically fine, but emotionally, it was a life changing event.
The Hungarian language sounds like a record played backward - which was messing with my ears the whole time I was there.
We also spent some time in the Jewish quarter and visited my first Jewish Synagogue.
Budapest is full of culture, beauty, and has a very colorful history that goes back into the BC's.
Their motto is Labor and Wealth, which appears as a celebration of hard labor, in much of their artwork.
Hungary has a very interesting and difficult past. Before world war I, Hungary occupied most of eastern Europe. After losing world War I, it was shrunk. During WWII it was occupied by a pro Nazi party called the “Arrow Cross”. The Russian rescued them from the Arrow Cross Nazi's and turned them into hard line communists. In 1956 there was a failed revolution attempt, which resulted in outflow of large numbers of Hungarian people. 
I was there with an American whose decedents migrated to American in 1956. Most Hungarian-Americans were a result of revolutionaries fleeing persecution in Hungary.
Hungarians are very proud of their expert craftsmanship. The inside of the Parliament building was made entirely by Hungarian Craftsmen and it's detail is exquisite.



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