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by Kimp 18. February 2012 02:35
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One of the nicest qualities of Rome is the quality of service. They love to wait on people. I went into a small sandwich and coffee stop, that's normally a take out place. I was asked if i was eating it here. I said yes, the owner asked me to go sit down and he would graciously serve it to me. They then brought over a linen table cloth and made up the table that i was sitting at. Served me, then keep an eye on me. If I wanted anything else, they were right there to serve me. This happened a few times during my visit.

Taxi's in Rome are very inexpensive. It is an easy city to just wander around aimlessly, because if you get lost, it is easy and cheap to grab a cab to regain your bearings. I also found that most people are very friendly to Americans in Rome.

The best meal that I ever had
I was exhausted from a long day of quick travel. I was coming from the Borguese gallery and got lost trying to find the subway. I ended up near the old Rome wall and saw a place named "Harry's Bar".  So I stopped at the outdoor terrace to take a load off my feet, get my bearings and have a drink. A short time later, a waiter comes out in a suit, smiles and asks what I would like to drink. I asked for a half liter of house wine. His reply "Sir we don't have house wine here. But we do have 1/2 bottles.". Right away I figured out that Harry's isn't the neighborhood bar that I thought it was, but was really an upscale restaurant. I look around and realize that I'm way under dressed. I asked him to please pick me out a 1/2 bottle of dry white wine with a smile and politely asked "Do you have any fresh food here?".  He brings me a menu and after looking at the high prices I pretty much decided I was just going to ask for my bottle to go and leave.
A minute or so later, the chef comes ou,t and was talking to the waiter. Later I figured out that he was probably saying something like "Who's the dumb ass that was asking if he have fresh food?". The chef comes over to me and says "Sir, I assure you all of our food is fresh. My wife picked the cherry tomatoes at siesta today and my cousin Guiseppe just got back from the fish market. I said to him "That sounds great, how about some of the freshest fish with some fresh vegetables !!!". That meal was the undisputed best I've ever had. The cost of the meal for one, plus desert and wine was about $150 (110 Euros), which is more then I would ever consciously pay. And the experience was absolutely priceless.
In ancient times, the Romans where expert engineers. They were a thousand years ahead of any other culture. They conquered, brought in their engineering team, and created many structures that still fascinate engineers today. Somewhere along the course of history, all of those engineers disappeared, and when I look around at Rome today, I wonder what happened to all of them. With all that it had going for it at one time, why isn't today's Rome the engineering capital of the world?




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