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by Kimp 18. February 2012 02:54
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I said some off beat things in the attached photo captions. It is intended to be kind humor and I hope nobody is offended by any of them. Personally I have a lot of respect for the Catholic religion and I enjoy Catholic Masses.
Simon Peter was a fisherman who was chosen by Christ to catch sinners instead. Simon Peter once tried to walk on water, but sank instead. That's when Jesus gave him the nickname of Rock (Petrus in Latin).

After Jesus was crucified, the apostle Simon Peter came to Rome to spread the word of Christs love. Peter baptized people in the Tiber river that runs through Rome and became the first pope.

At that time Nero was emperor, and Rome worshiped pagan gods. Christians were crucified on a cross during a break in the chariot race action. Nero's administration was offended by Simon Peter's teachings, and so Nero crucified him.

After Simon Peter was crucified, some of his followers would sneak to his grave and worship there.

Around 300 A.D., the emperor Constantine converted to Christianity. Then being a christian was legalized, and Constantine, built the first St Peters basilica directly over the grave.

In the 1500's the pope asked Michelangelo, to rebuilt St Peters into the grandest church in the world. The pope didn't know it at that time, but ironically that decision was going to fuel the protestant reformation several years later.

The Catholic church needed lots of funds for this project, so they asked the best salesman that they had, for assistance. A German preacher by the name of Johann Tetzel. Johann devised a system of selling indulgences. An indulgence is something that cancels out a sin that was committed by the purchaser. The worse the sin, the higher the price. This was a big hit and brought in lots of money. The pope was very happy. Johann's boss was the archbishop over all land north of the alps, and he lived in Germany. His boss had borrowed funds to buy that title from the pope, and later he asked the pope if it was OK to sell indulgences to pay off his huge loan. The pope granted that on the condition that half of the proceeds were diverted to the papacy. This in part was one of the reasons that a German Monk named Martin Luther, wrote the "Ninety-Five Theses on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences" and presented it to Johann. Luther stood his ground, he was excommunicated by the pope, and condemned as an outlaw by the Emperor. That in part, started the protestant reformation, and gave it plenty of fuel to grow on.

Today's pope is Bebedict XVI. His birth name is Joseph Ratzinger. Joseph was born in Germany, he was a member of the Hitler Youth, and an anti-aircraft flak gunner during WWII. He observed Jews being sent to death camps, and at the end of the war, he deserted his post. Later he became a Catholic priest, as a very outspoken Liberal Catholic. Around 1968 when students revolted, he decided that strict traditional catholic rules were needed to offset the world's chaos. That's a position that he still maintains.




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