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by Kimp 18. February 2012 03:05
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Travestre is one of my favorite places in Rome. It's one of the first places where Christianity was practiced. The early Greeks who fled to Rome with St Paul, had settled in this neighborhood.

Before 200 AD, Romans would go to the chariot races and at half time, they would drink some wine, break some bread and thoroughly enjoy the halftime entertainment, which usually consisted of several Christian crucifixions.

Christians practiced in secret, usually inside a wealthy persons home (they called it a Tutilli), but on occasion they would dare to cross the river and go to the race track where St. Peter had been crucified in 69 A.D. (now St. Peters Basicilica) and worship there, in the open, above his grave.

Back then, Travestere was a largely working class neighborhood. The guys who strapped on the hard hats, carried their lunches pails into work, and busted ass. To me, it kind of feels like Cleveland Ohio. To the Roman Citizens, it was the other side of the river (wrong side of the tracks), it was full of rowdy dissidents, and a favorite place to hunt for Christians.

Around 300 A.D. when Christianity was widely accepted in Rome, some of the Tutilli homes where converted into the first christian churches. Some of those still exist today.

Today, it's a kind of upscale neighborhood, yet it still has that down home feel to it.




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