Norway Bergen

by Kimp 3. September 2011 12:00


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Bergen is on the west coast of Norway. It still has that charming old fishing village look to it, along with lots of artistic culture. In Bergen, it rains relentlessly even in summer, and the surroundings are often shrouded with mist.

I didn't know until I got here that it is a major cruise ship stop. I was bummed to find out that it's difficult to get traditional Norwegian food there, because they cater to the junk food that most tourists want. In fact, I asked a local where I could get some traditional Norwegian food and he looked puzzled, then he gave me some directions that sounded simple, but I couldn't find the place. I ended up just eating with the tourists and paying something like $80 (50 Euros) for a normal American dinner and one glass of wine. I might have paid $30 (20 Euro) for the same meal in the States.
It is also difficult to mix with the locals, since there are more tourists then locals in much of the city.
It was nice and relaxing, which was good for me, because I needed the rest.



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