Norway, Oslo

by Kimp 2. September 2011 05:37


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Oslo is a combination of two ancient Norwegian words, which translate to God's Field.

Norway has a Parliament, but the monarch (king or queen) is the head of state, instead of the prime minister. Therefore they rule until the rule is passed down.

At first appearance, Oslo looked run down, but I found a lot of gems there.

Until the recent terrorism, Oslo Norway was one of the most peaceful places in the world. Five members of their Parliament pick the person who is to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Vikings were the best ship builders of their day. Constructing very sturdy boats, capable of sailing in the heaviest weather and roughest seas. Today, Norway is carrying on the ship building tradition of being second to none. Many of the worlds cruise ships and commercial vessels are built here.

Their fishing industry is pretty awesome was well. I love fish and enjoyed varieties of fish that I had never heard of. I ate my first whale. It's thick like stake, but cooked like Tuna, and it had a very strong fish taste it.

I found Oslo to be both peaceful and precious.




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