Poland - Auschwitz-Birkenau

by Kimp 13. May 2012 03:17
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Auschwitz-Birkenau was a Nazi Slave Labor and Extermination Camp where about 1000 people per day were exterminated. It was the biggest of them all.
These pictures are not for everyone, but people who lived through the holocaust, consider it, a good practice to distribute them and their story. Because, by telling the story, it instills enough emotion, to want people, to prevent it from ever happening again. That is also why Auschwitz-Birkenau is now a museum, that's visited by about 1.5 million people every year.
Most extermination camps were built in Nazi occupied Poland for three main reasons.
1. It was far enough away from Germany, that they could hide what they were doing from the German public.
2. Poland is a good central location, for much of Nazi occupied Europe, so they could save on shipping expenses.
3. Jewish people were accustomed, to emigrating to Poland, so it allowed the Nazi's to easily perpetrate a scam.
The scam was, that they were relocating Jewish people to Poland, and that Poland was going to be a Jewish state, where they would be able to work freely and purchase land. To make the scam sound believable, there were several rules.
1. They needed to pay for their own train ticket to Poland (This ended up being a cattle car).
2. They were shown real estate pictures, and people who could afford it could sell all of their current property and purchase the real estate in Poland. They would have a dwelling as soon as they got there.
3. The ticket price included one suit case of luggage, and they were told to paint there name and birth date on the outside, so it could be easily found if lost.
They were crowded into the cattle cars and sent off. It was very cramped and several died on the trip to Poland. Once at the camp, the cars were emptied and they were told to put their luggage into a pile, form a line and walk to where a doctor was to evaluate their health. They were told that they would be back later to pick up their luggage. This was also part of the scam, because if people knew that many were going to be exterminated, there would have been a mass riot.
The doctor was really deciding who was going to be put in the slave labor camp, and whom was going to be exterminated immediately.
There were several criteria:
1. Clerics were always sent to extermination, because they did not want to give the people any spiritual guidance, to help them stay mentally strong and resist.
2. Intelligent looking people were always sent to extermination, because they only wanted dumb slave labor. Smart people might try to escape and spread the word of the scam.
3. Sick people were always sent to extermination.
4. Young people unable to work were always sent to extermination.
5. The rest were put into slave labor.
To keep the people about to be exterminated from rioting, the scam continued. They walked to a location near the incinerators, being told that they were just going to take a shower, then they would return and get their luggage. They walked into an underground changing area and disrobed. They were told that to remember the number of their hook, so that they could retrieve their clothes later. They entered a fake shower area, the door was closed, and sealed. Guards then dropped canisters of Cyanide down the vents and sealed the vents. 15 minutes later the vents were opened and the shower area was ventilated. Slave labor workers, where forced to cart the dead bodies to near the incinerator, where gold teeth were extracted, and their hair was shaved. Then they were incinerated and all of their belongings were cart off to be recycled.
The slave labors camp (which is most of the photos) had dismal living conditions. They were marched a long way to work and back. Working long hours, eating next to nothing and sleeping in very primitive conditions.  They were tattooed with numbers to help keep them from escaping. They would be easy to spot.
The last thing to note was that they all had a colored triangle on their prison uniforms. The color told the guard a little bit about the prisoner. Green meant normal prisoner. Red meant trouble maker. Blue meant privileged (some were prisoner boss types and they were rewarded for keeping the others in line)  - etc.



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