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by Kimp 23. November 2012 04:20
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My favorite Italian expression is "Breve orazione penetra" which translate to "God listens to short prayers".
There is also two hidden meanings as well, "Please don't waste God's time, just get straight to the point." and "Pray quick, before the supper gets cold.".
Bagreha is an upper class suburb of Palermo Sicily. In the 1600's and 1700's wealthy citizens built large summer villa's there, to get out of Palermo's sweltering summer heat. If you had a house up there, then you were somebody.
Most of those villa's are still there, but many fell into disrepair over the years and are now closed. Other than that, it's very clean, fresh and a refreshing place to visit. Especially if you want to get in touch with real Sicilians, since most tourist's go right on by it. I would consider it an affluent Sicilian community, full of a lot of great people.
One of the villa's that was partially restored and opened recently to the public, is the Villa Palagonia. A Famous Spanish Knight and Duke named Don Ferdinando Gravina (Carlos Ferdinando of Gravina) built this as his summer home, but died shortly after it was completed. He had willed it to his grandson. The grandson was a hunchback and his wife was a philandering women who had many lovers. He decided to commission a lot of crazy looking statues (more than 200), supposedly aimed at scaring away this wives lovers. Some are Musicians, some are caricatures, and some are monsters with human heads. The slang term for this house, is, the villa of monsters.
I had herd that there was a great Sicilian toy museum in this town as well, but I was only here for a short time and didn't make my way over to it. I mainly came to see the people. The captions in these photos, are meant in good humor, and I hope nobody is offended by any of them.
Some of the scenes in Godfather III, were filmed in Bagreha. There may or may not be mafioso living her now, and there may or may not be money laundering going on in some of the businesses. Either way, it is a great place for people watching, even if there may or may not be a bunch of people watching you, because you will definitely look out of place in this town.



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