Slovakia - Bratislava

by Kimp 29. April 2012 03:22
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The flag of Slovakia pretty much says it all. Their coat of arms has religious and mountainous connotations. It is one of the poorest economic regions in Europe, but it is rich in mountains, scenery and culture. It's kind of the West Virginia of Europe. I see a bit of Mexico in it as well. Many Russian munition factories were built here during the communist era, which made it an industrialized nation, after the split from communism. Their economy took a hit, when they could no longer sell munitions to Russia. Today, a few VW model's are made here, as well as some of Porsches and Audi's sub assemblies . Heavy industry and cheap labor, put that move into play.
The women in Slovakia like their clothes tight. Lots of mid thigh dresses. Lots of body's that display those clothes very well. I asked a Slovak man why they dress that way. His reply, "I don't know why. That's just the way it works!".  I said, "Well, it certainly works for me.". He then says, "And they are all natural, no silicon here." Even their women's military dress clothing is a mid thigh form fitting skirt, 3" heels and they get to wear their hair down. I would have to say, that most men would find Slovak women, to be very appealing and friendly.
Slovakia has hamlets. A hamlet is four or five houses grouped together, kind of in the middle of nowhere. There are usually several dozen related people living in a hamlet. When a women marries, she typically moves into the grooms hamlet. After communism ended, with the freedom to move, family members have been migrating to find better jobs. Many hamlets end up for sale, and are usually bought by people looking for vacation homes.




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