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by Kimp 31. December 2011 17:52
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Bern is the capital of Switzerland, it is very laid back and jazz musician friendly.

On the World quality of life scale, Bern is in the top 10 (not the top 10 percent but the top 10). Since Switzerland maintained neutrality during both World War I and World War II, it wasn't bombed, and most of the old city is intact. It's now, one the UNESCO world sites.

The local Language is German, but the business language in Switzerland is English, and as such, most people speak English quite well.

Einstein lived in Bern in his late teens and early twenties, and is where he theorized relativity. An entire floor of the Natural History museum is dedicated as a permanent Einestien museum that outlines his entire life. It was only meant to be an exhibit, but was so popular the first year, that they decided to keep it.

Bern was named after a Bear, and therefore, the most prevalent theme in this city, is the Bear. There are bears everywhere: fluttering in the breeze on flags; staring menacingly from coats of arms on public buildings; crouching on pillars before the historical museum; walking in bushes at the head of Kirchenfeld Bridge; standing high over a fountain in the Kramgasse; and looking out from a chocolate box behind a candy-store window.

Bern has many colorful and playfully theme oriented Renaissance Era fountains that were built in the 1500's and 1600's.

Most people from Switzerland are well traveled. Their economy is so strong that any place outside of Switzerland is very inexpensive, which enhances the travel experience.

Another theme throughout all of Switzerland is the Dance of Death. The first Dance of Death images originated during the Black Death of the 1340s and remained popular during the 14th and 15th Century. The Dance of Death served to remind the viewer that death will happen to everyone regardless of station or wealth.

One of the smartest things the Swiss did, was to allow anyone to give them money without asking any questions, and without divulging whom gave it to them, to any foreign nationals. They charge a premium, to both convert foreign currency into Swiss and to convert it back to another currency. That way they profit off of all of the crooks who use it as a safe haven for their money. They'll never adopt the EURO as local currency, because it would cost them too much revenue.



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