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by Kimp 22. September 2012 03:02

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There are 4 regions of Switzerland that have popular Das Alps festivals. They usually occur on different weekends, so that the smaller ones can still draw a crowd.

Das Alps is in the fall, when the cows come down from the high pastures, where they had been grazing all summer. Going back to their home pastures until next spring. Herds are mixed together when they go up the mountain, so they need to all assemble somewhere, in order to be separated into their proper herds, and returned to their rightful owners.

The primary product made when the cows are in the high pastures, is cheese. This fresh cheese is sold at the festival, as well lots of other items, like rachlete, brats, and beer. It good eating along with plenty of good wholesome authentic Swiss entertainment as well.

Last year I went to Charmey's (Charmey is one of my albums).  Charmey has the biggest and most popular Das Alps festival, plus it's the most advertised. The others usually only draw local crowds, and figuring out exactly where and when they are, is quite a challenge when you're not local.

I heard about one in a town named Schwarzsee, so I thought that I'd try that one out this year. I drove to Schwartzee and passed a few herds on the road, which got really close to my car. I managed to get through them, without a scare this year, but next year I'm pretty sure that I am going to rent a car and get the full insurance package on it, to drive to another Das Alps festival. I'm thinking about getting my car painted this winter and would like to keep it gouge free for a while.

I got to Schwarzsee expecting to see a crowd, but it looked like a ghost town. I was guessing that my information was a little off. However Schwarzsee was a really nice town on a beautiful small lake, so I hiked around the lake and loved every minute of that.  It looked like a nice laid back town to do some easy skiing in the winter. While I was there, I ran into some more herds descending the alps. Some of those herds had what I call, Ohio cows (Holsteins) , which I'd never seen in Switzerland. That was a nice treat.

After exhausting what Schwarzsee had to offer (nearly everything is closed in the fall), I got back in my car and decided to follow one of the herds to the festival. About a very slow hour later, I ended up in Plaffeien Switzerland, which was where the festival was. It was a very nice, quaint, local crowd, that I enjoyed very much, if not more then Charmey's last year.




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