Turkey - Bosphorus River

by Kimp 26. May 2012 03:30

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Turkey is a part of two continents (Europe and Asia). I took a ride up the Bosphorus river. The Bosphorus river is the straight that separates both pieces. There are lots of old fishing villages and some places where the wealthy are escaping the city life, and starting to take root. It is one of the most heavily traveled shipping lanes in the world. Much of that is from Russia's Mediterranean Export/Import business and tourism. The current coming from the Black Sea, at the top, is very strong. This provides a nice strong breeze, that keeps Istanbul on the cool side.
The down side, is that this straight is very tough to navigate, and along with the traffic, the strong current and the size of the ships, make it prone to accidents. An accident with a big tanker here, effects Istanbul's 15 million residents. Turkey controls the straight, and by the 1939 Treaty at Montreux, Turkey has the right to shut it down. in time of peace or war. There is a Turkish Naval base at the mouth of the Black Sea, for just that purpose.
Dolphins easily find the strong cool current coming from the Black Sea. They know exactly what is at the other end. Some tasty Black Sea Bass. This river always has lots of Dolphins in it, on their way to the feeding grounds. They are easy to spot, since it is a lot faster to fly though the air and catch a breath, then it is to swim upstream.
I ate at one of the seaside restaurants, on a dock at the old fishing village of Anadolu Kavagi (on the Asian side). I asked some guy on the street if he could get us a table on the water. He say's "Sure, I have the finest table just for you." He took us to a great table, then told the waiter I was with him (so he could come back later and collect his commission), then he took off. I looked down, and there was a sign on that table, saying it was reserved. I said to the waiter "Is this reserved?" The waiter says, "No, go ahead and sit down", then he takes the sign and puts it on another table away from the water. Ten minutes later the people who had reserved that table showed up. For some reason they looked a little disappointed. The poor guys wife had a look on her face like "Dam it Hedo, I thought you said we had the table on the river, with the awesome view!"
I got that name Hedo from the famous Turkish NBA player Hidayet "Hedo" Türko─člu. Turks share my passion for basketball. Hedo was a selfless NBA player who could play 4 positions, and he was able to make plays in key situations. He was like a sleeper. The other teams defense would get lazy and he'd make them pay.




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