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by Kimp 17. November 2015 10:43

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Darmstadt is near Frankfurt Germany, and is known as the "city of science". 

Albert Einenstein had a lot of good things to say about the University of Darmstadt. It's a very focused research college, that seems to have the formula for churning out top scientists, and respect from employer's who have hired it's students.

Darmstadt is also home of the "European Space Operations Center". While the US has been focusing on Mar's, Europe sent a craft past Mar's, got it to orbit around a comet, and actually launched a landing craft on the comet. Both crafts are still sending pictures back.

Of course, no big science center runs on its own, it needs a slew of high tech industries supporting it. I noticed, that there seems to be no shortage of Bentley's and Audi R8's roaming the streets of Darmstadt.

At one time, Darmstadt was the capital of the country of Hesse. Hesse is where most of the Hessian soldiers came from. In their day, Hessian's were mercenary's. Basically they were soldier's who were paid to fight other people's wars. During the American Revolutionary War, about 25% of the soldier's who fought on Britain's side, were Hessian's. Britain found that it was much easier to borrow money to pay for someone else to fight their war, then it was to recruit, train, and fight it themselves. 

But that's not why I was in Darmstadt. I was there because of it's close proximity to Frankenstein's Castle. While never proven to influence the novel, there seem to be some similarities between the novel, the name, and this area. True or not, the Halloween Festival at Frankenstein's castle is pretty awesome. It's the biggest Halloween festival in Europe and sells out fairly quickly. It is held over three weekend's centering on Halloween. Friday and Saturday are night events and are only open to Adult's The Sunday event is a matinee that is open to children as well. I was there on "All Hallows Eve".

The parking near the castle is reserved for the vendors. Everyone else has to ride a bus from a small town nearby. The bus fare is included in the ticket. I had a package that included a buffet, served in a very nice special events center on site. It a top of the line authentic German buffet with lots of find German deserts as well. I was pretty happy with just that. 

One section of the castle is designated as a drinking, eating, and socializing area, with a DJ and several sitting and standing tables. The rest is designated as a scary, freaky area, with some pretty good actor's. Or maybe they weren't really acting, cause they are for real? Being a big guy, it's a lot of fun, cause I always end up with lots of women using me as a freak shield. They are not shy at all, about grabbing me tight and moving is as close as they can, while they are screaming and trying to hide. If you really want to hide, you might try, not screaming.

I was on the first bus to leave for the castle. It was packed with people and the middle aged women I was sharing breaths with, looked me straight in the eyes. Before she raised her head to look, I had noticed that she smelled pretty good and also had the hair color, I would like to have on my next girlfriend. I responded with a slight, slow, sincere, smile of approval and a gaze of interest. That must have been exactly what she was looking for, cause she started talking a million miles an hour in German. Not understanding any of it, all I could do, was watch the facial expressions and body language. Responding with an occasional look of amazement, like "You don't say?", "Really", "Wow". A snicker here, a smile there, and a sporadic "Genau". "Genau" is a German word that German women use a lot, when they are taking with their friends. It means "Exactly", as in, "I know exactly what you're taking about".

Then she get's out her phone. I was amazed at the size of it. She had a really big phone with lots of pictures on it. This was a little odd, cause German's are usually face to face social and seldom use smart phones, nor take/show pictures. They prefer to be with their friends rather then looking at them on a phone. She was showing me zillion of picture's and I didn't recognize any of the people in any of them. I am sure she was explaining them. I did observe that she was in about half, wearing all kinds of different classy outfits, and looking pretty good. One looked like it might have been a picture with her daughter, maybe when her daughter graduated. Several other's looked like family. There was definitely an Uncle Joe in a few. Uncle Joe is the person in everyone's family who has a lot of color. I recognized a few other family stereotypes as well.

She was flipping through the photos so fast, I was hoping that she might flip it a little to far, and accidentally land on one of her, in the nude. So I had prepared a "ja wonderbar" (Yes Wonderful)!!!, standing by at the ready, just in case.

She had a few large bags with her, which turned out to be her costume. I figured out that she was one of the actor's, when I saw her a working the crowd, as the night whittled away. She was a pretty good looking Dracula. Nothing too scary about that package.

There was a small stage in one area, with a neat short play that was a twist on the Frankenstein novel. Instead of a young science student creating a horrific male monster that runs amok. It was a young science student bringing life to a manikin and creating a beautiful women. Except when he kisses her, she figures out that he just wanted to create a Stepford Wife. This is followed by her trashing the lab, then shooting him.

Besides that, there were a several freaky side shows and lots of freaky dudes working the crowd. I was attacked by Freddy chainsaw. Freddy was really after the young women who was using me as a freak shield. Except she lost her grip and ended up falling into the swamp, right next to the swamp monster. I felt bad for her, cause that water was a nasty looking green and swamp thing was pretty freaky.

That was so much fun, I stayed the whole night and as the closing bell sounded, Dracula who had snuck up behind me shortly before, bit me on the neck.  Seems she had picked out her mark, early that night. "Genau !!!".

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