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Fredrickshafen (Fred's Harbor) is located on one of Germany's only Lakes. Lake Constance is where the wealthy Germans head to hang out, on or near the water. Fredrickshafen is also home of the Zepplin Museum and Germany's largest classic auto show.

I went there mainly to see the car show, but was very happy with all of the other activities as well. Looked like there was a small festival in town, or maybe that is the normal summer activity there. Lots of ethnic fast food from all over the world and lots of people.

I have a friend named Terry who flips cars. Buys old cars that are well under market value, cleans them up, then sells them for what he get out of them. He is an expert detailer. He can clean an old car so good, that it looks like it just came from the factory.

He has bought a few Mercede's in California, where the European cars are way under the price that they fetch in Germany and has sold them at this car show. This year he bought a '66 Pagoda 280 SL. Pagoda is just a nickname that stuck, the hardtop for the convertible roof is concave in shape and resembles an Asian Pagoda, so people started calling it that. Since it was shipped from the US, he had to get it certified by the German authorities as authentic. They go through all of the maintenance records, make sure it was maintained by a qualified mechanic and has OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer parts on it. That took a few weeks, but it passed.

He was kind of afraid that he was going to take a loss, because the Euro dropped quite a bit from the time that he bought it, but he ended up making a few dollars on the resale. He sold it so quick, that I told him he must have under priced it. The show goes on for three days and he sold it quickly on the first day.

Terry is one of those people, that everything he owns, is always for sale. Sometimes he has four cars one week and zero the next. He will sell his last car, the shirt off of his back, the brand new shoes he just bought, without even flinching. Everything has a price and everything must go.

One time I loaned Terry my car for week while he was car-less and looking for another car. When he brought it back, he says, "Dude, I got a great offer on your car. You should sell it !!!".

No way, I'm the type who hangs onto cars for a long time, cause I know exactly what is wrong with the car that I own and I like it that way. I don't like buying a bunch of new unknown's and figuring them out.


As soon as the first hot air balloon was launched in France in the 1790's people were trying to figure out how to produce manned air flights. It wasn't until powerful gas engines and aluminum were invented, before that was possible. Around 1870, Ferdinand von Zeppelin was thinking about reshaping the balloon and attaching an engine to it. Around 1890 he thought it was possible so he started designing, and in 1895 he knew it was possible. He decided, that to build an aircraft big enough to carry lots of people, he needed to add a frame and put the balloon's inside of the frame, then he had a rigid structure for all of the additional infrastructure needed to maneuver it.

On July 2, 1900, the first one was launched in Fredrickshaven and it went over Lake Constance.  Shortly after that the design was enlarged and put into mass production. Soon there were regular flights all over Germany. Enter World War I. Zeppelins were used for gathering intelligence, recon, and droppkng bombs. The only think that stopped them was high winds blowing them off course. After WW I Zeppelin built several for the US Navy. Eventually anti-aircraft guns were invented and that put them out of the military business, but they were still used heavily for civilian air transport.

One was eventually built that was large enough for transatlantic flight. It had to be extra large to carry all of the fuel and supplies needed for that long trip. However the first Trans-Atlantic flight ended in disaster when it burnt up in a huge ball of flames on national radio, while it was docking in New Jersey.

That disaster put a big dent in their business, but they were still used in Germany until commercial airplane finally put them out of business for good.

The Zeppelin museum was awesome, because it covered the entire history of early attempted flights in addition to the Zeppelins. There was a short film that was only in German, but it was easy to follow without knowing the words.

Loved everything that was in the museum. Well worth the small price of admission.

Car Show

The classic car show was really sweet. Best to look at the pictures to see what was there. Just about everything from the first real car ever made by Karl Benz through to 1970's, including a lot of American Muscle, plus some old planes, boats, motorcycles, race cars, and rally cars. Loved ever minute of it.

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