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by Kimp 13. February 2016 16:08

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A while back, I quickly fell in love with Sicily. Even the tourist areas are not commercialized, it's laid back, it's inexpensive by tourist standards, it's just plain pure and natural, and it feels lived in and not preyed upon.

Cefalu was the first place in Sicily to be inhabited by modern Human's. There is a huge rock that sits directly on the coast. It's sides are barren cliff's, but it's top is very fertile and pleasant. A great place to build a fortress that would stand the test of time.

It's engineering is very impressive. Beside pirates and barbarian's, it also had to withstand the Arab invasion's. However, it was eventually conquered by the Arab's after a long siege.

In 1063 the Norman's conquered it and built the small village that is there at it's base today. in 1131, King Roger II was caught in a fierce storm near there. He managed to make it to shore and when he first set foot on shore he proclaimed that he was going to build a cathedral here to honor his Savior. At that he did. A very nice piece of Norman architecture with some of the finest Byzantine mosaic's outside of Byzantine. 

Greek Mythology said that the rock used to be the head of a God that loved nature and only wanted to sing about it. Aphrodite was very jealous because she could not get him to fall in love with her. So she cast his head in stone, and put it right there on the coast, where he could be one with nature. Sounds plausible to me.

However, there isn't any mention in Greek text's about early Greek's living her, so the Greek name is a big mystery. There is a pagan temple at the top that dates to about 500 B.C. Bring your hiking shoes, it's quite a trek to the top and the only way to get there is via foot.

Besides the nice fortress, Cefalu has a nice beach, a quaint village, a great looking Norman Cathedral, great seafood, and lots of Sicilian delights.

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