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by Kimp 7. July 2018 00:26

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Once a small fishing village, the Spanish built a port here in the 1600’s to foster the trade of wine and sugar. That brought in many entrepreneurs, and a fortress had to be built, to protect the trade businesses from pirates.


35,000 locals call Port de la Cruz home, and the tourists probably outnumber the locals most of the year.  The sugar is all gone and the tourists happily consume the wine.

It brings enough revenue into Spain, that, in political matters, it is left alone to do as it feels is best.


The fish here, is, some of the healthiest and finest, that I have ever sampled. As fresh as it gets and plenty of variety. I felt like I was in healthy food heaven.


Several large black sand beaches and I managed to find the beach, away from the big tourist area, that few tourists visit. Always awesome to find the hidden place, where the locals hang out.

Lago Martiánez

A massive water complex bordering the ocean, with 4 large swimming pools, several smaller pools, and a massive manmade saltwater lake. Complimented with several restaurants and a casino, all for a decent price.

Surfs Up

A sweet surfing school and several pro shops. Pick any review source you like, and it Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, will probably review as 5 out of 5 in the surfing learning and fun category.  Great water temperature to start things off right, for the paddle out. Turn around, and you might miss the sweet wave, cause the view of Mt. Tiede towering over a sweet looking small village, fills up the senses and overwhelms. Hanging ten and riding on cloud nine, just about describes it to a tee.

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