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Lake Lugano was formed by a glacier. Glacial lakes are the most beautiful because of the mountains that appear to rise out of them. Normally glacial lakes are only found in the places like the Fjord's of Norway and Alaska, but this one is in Southern Switzerland.

In the 1400's, the Duke of Como and the Duke of Milan often battled over Lugano. Eventually the people of Lugano claimed their independence and then merged with Switzerland.


Lugano and its region are bordered on the East, West, and South by Italy, therefore the language spoken most here is Italian, though most native Swiss people are multi-lingual, speaking Swiss, Italian, German, French, and English.

Home to the largest net (300 km/190 mi) of Mountain Biking Trails in Switzerland.

Home of "Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research", which is one of the top 10 Artificial Intelligence Labs in the world (top 4 in biological AI).

Logano also hosts the Swiss National Super-computing Centre, funded by the Swiss government and dedicated to research of all types.

This is one of the most relaxed places I have visited. There are isn't much here, other than good old wholesome relaxation and music. They favor both Classical and Jazz with yearly festivals that are open to the general public. There is a ferry that visits the small villages along the banks of Lake Lugano (just get off and wander around to see what you can find) and there are funicular's that go to the top Mount Bre and Mount San Salvatore.

I have read that there many museums in Lugano, but I didn't visit any, so I can't give any advice on what they entail.

I would like to go back and see it in winter, when snow covers everything but the lake.

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